Saturday morning,let’s go to eat breakfast 🥞 @Tokyo (English Version)

Here are some of the restaurants we actually visited in the Tokyo area and the breakfast menus (morning menus) we ate there!

【Meguro】Go to Go Bring Slider for a stylish and tasty slider burger🍔(ゴー ブリング スライダー).

I heard that there is a trendy hamburger🍔 restaurant called Go Bring Slider(ゴー ブリング スライダー) in Meguro, Tokyo.

Restaurant Information

Visit the restaurant

We arrived at the restaurant at 8:20am on a Saturday morning (opening time + 20 minutes). There were no customers at the time of arrival and we were the first to be seated at our favorite table.

The restaurant was a pop-up hamburger stand with one set of counter seats, one sofa, and one table. It was a compact storefront and seemed to offer take-out burgers.

This is the menu that was offered on the day of the event.

Since there is no morning menu, I had to come up with my own combination to make it a morning meal. Below is a list transcribed from the Slider Burger menu.

  • Roast Beaf & Chedder (Limited Time Special):450 Yen
  • Pulled Pork BBQ:350 Yen
  • Pulled Pork White Spicy:350 Yen
  • Cuvan Sandwich:350 Yen
  • Chile Beef:350 Yen
  • Jerk Chicken:350 Yen
  • Samurai Bomber:350 Yen
  • Fish Sand:350 Yen
  • Spam & Baked Egg:400 Yen
  • Egg Slat "ABC":350 Yen
  • Salmon Cream Cheese:350 Yen
  • Avogado Shrimp:350 Yen
  • Tuna Sandwich:350 Yen
  • Various Drinks:330 Yen ~
  • Various Doughnuts:230 Yen ~

Actual meal

This time I got the slider burger "Spam & Baked Egg" and "Avogado Shrimp" and a hand drip coffee (HOT) for a drink.
*The "Roast Beef Cheddar Cheese (this month's limited item)" could not be ordered because the roast beef was being prepared, unfortunately.

The left side of the picture with the slider burger is the "Spam & Baked Egg" and the right side is the "Avogado Shrimp".
At the restaurant, it is the size of a palm. It was served at about half or one-third the size of a regular hamburger. Detailed impressions are below.

  • Spam & Baked Egg

    • It tastes like the bacon in the BLT hamburger has been replaced with Spam. The saltiness of the Spam goes well with the fried egg. Delicious.
  • Avogado Shrimp

    • Creamy avocado and small shrimp have a pleasant texture. The crust of the buns is a little firm, which is good. Delicious.
  • Hand drip coffee (HOT)

    • Tasted like coffee. I can't tell if the coffee is good or bad. Sorry.



I learned what a slider burger is.
Each piece was small in size, so I could choose one if I wanted a light breakfast, or two if I wanted a full meal.
I thought it would be a good idea to order a combination of a slider burger + a doughnut + drink, with the doughnut as dessert.

The nearby Meguro River is said to be a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, and it would be fun to take out a slider burger from this restaurant and enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms at the Meguro River in late March.


From the looks of it, the store's image character is a goblin. The name of the restaurant is probably a reference to the restaurant's name, Go Bring Slider.
There is an illustration of a goblin on the signboard.