Saturday morning,let’s go to eat breakfast 🥞 @Tokyo (English Version)

Here are some of the restaurants we actually visited in the Tokyo area and the breakfast menus (morning menus) we ate there!

Entries from 2024-05-01 to 1 month

【Kannai】Elegant morning at UNI COFFEE ROASTERY Yokohama Nihon Odori branch! Luxurious combination of sour coffee and chocolate waffles☕(UNI COFFEE ROASTERY 横浜日本大通り店).

We hear that UNI COFFEE ROSTERY, a cafe chain with a reputation for great coffee, offers a morning menu of special coffee and waffles☕. The chain has several branches in Yokohama, and this time we visited UNI COFFEE ROASTERY Yokohama Nihon…

【Ebisu】A basic and royal Japanese breakfast at “Fu Teishoku Ya” 🍚(ふ定食屋).

Hearing that there is a teishoku-ya that offers a basic and royal Japanese breakfast, we went to “Fu Teishoku-ya”(ふ定食屋) in Ebisu.

【Meguro】 Have a chewy bebe bread morning at les joues de BéBé 🥖.(レ ジュウ ドゥ ベベ)

I went to “les joues de BéBé”é(レ ジュウ ドゥ ベベ)after hearing about a bakery-cafe☕ in Meguro that serves authentic (or rather, real) French-style bread🥖.

【Takadanobaba】NEW YORKER'S Cafe Takadanobaba 1-chome branch for a somewhat trendy hot dog 🌭.(NEW YORKER'S Cafe 高田馬場1丁目店)

Hearing about a quiet and comfortable cafe near Takadanobaba Station, I went there to enjoy the morning menu.