Saturday morning,let’s go to eat breakfast 🥞 @Tokyo (English Version)

Here are some of the restaurants we actually visited in the Tokyo area and the breakfast menus (morning menus) we ate there!

【Kannai】Elegant morning at UNI COFFEE ROASTERY Yokohama Nihon Odori branch! Luxurious combination of sour coffee and chocolate waffles☕(UNI COFFEE ROASTERY 横浜日本大通り店).

We hear that UNI COFFEE ROSTERY, a cafe chain with a reputation for great coffee, offers a morning menu of special coffee and waffles☕.
The chain has several branches in Yokohama, and this time we visited UNI COFFEE ROASTERY Yokohama Nihon-odori branch(UNI COFFEE ROASTERY 横浜日本大通り店).

Restaurant Information

Visit the restaurant

Get off at Kannai Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line and walk beside Yokohama Stadium for about 10 minutes. Note that although the name of the restaurant is “Yokohama Nihon Odori,” it is located on Minato Odori, one street next door.
There were no customers waiting to enter the restaurant when we arrived, and we were able to place our order right away at the counter in front of the entrance. It seems safe to visit a little later in the day.

There are about 30 seats on the terrace and inside the restaurant. Some customers had their dogs with them, as the restaurant seems to be pet-friendly.

This is the menu that was offered on the day of the event.

Since there are many, only morning set is introduced here.

  • 1 waffle & drink: 500 yen
  • 2 waffles & drink: 600 yen
  • Single waffle: 250 yen
  • Additional whipped cream: 50 yen
  • Chocolate sauce/caramel sauce addition: 0 yen

  • Drinks

    • Fast Brew (hot/ice) *Coffee ☕
    • Tea (hot/ice)

Numerous drinks are offered in addition to the morning set. Hot dog and other food menu were also listed in the place not included in this picture. For details, please refer to the operator's website or check the menu directly at the store.

Actual meal

We had the morning set with the following combination. The waiter said about the menu, “Fast Brew has a strong sour taste and is not to everyone's taste. If you don't like that kind of taste, we recommend tea.” He explained, “If you don't like that kind of taste, we recommend tea.
However, I ordered the Fast Brew because I thought the waffle with chocolate or caramel sauce would be a perfect match with coffee.

  • 2 waffles & drink: 600 yen
    • Fast Brew (hot)
    • 2 waffles
    • Chocolate sauce

After ordering at the counter, move to your seat and wait. After a while, the waiter will bring it to you.
Detailed impressions are below.

  • Fast Brew (hot)

    • It has a distinct sour taste. It is a taste that is hard to find in the coffee chain I usually go to. If you are not a coffee lover, it will be tough. However, it goes well with the waffle with chocolate sauce, and I bet it would have been even better if I paid 50 yen to add whipped cream to the waffle.
  • Two waffles

    • Two small waffles are served. The chocolate sauce makes it quite sweet. Like the coffee, it is difficult to eat it by itself. However, when combined with the acidity/bitterness of the coffee, it is very tasty. I think the reason why a fork comes with the chocolate sauce is because they want you to put all the chocolate on the chocolate and then bring it to your mouth with the fork. The first time I tried to eat it by grabbing it, the chocolate sauce stuck to my hand.
  • Chocolate sauce

    • It is very sweet.。



We enjoyed a combination that makes good use of the taste of fast brew coffee and a deep flavor like no other. It is a challenging menu item that is not for everyone, but it actually tastes very good when you eat it.
The way it is in a gourmet manga, the waitress might say something like, “I'll show you how to really taste coffee🌝”. And I don't dislike this kind of thing.
The white-colored interior is clean, relaxing, and very stylish. There were several customers with their families and dogs, and the atmosphere was very friendly.
I think it is a very good cafe. Next time, I would like to visit in the afternoon and try something from the food menu, such as a hot dog.


I looked through the store's Instagram (location) and saw many photos of dogs and cats relaxing in the restaurant. Why?

UNI COFFEE ROASTERY is developing a smartphone app, which apparently offers various benefits if you register.
There was a sign in front of the store.