Saturday morning,let’s go to eat breakfast 🥞 @Tokyo (English Version)

Here are some of the restaurants we actually visited in the Tokyo area and the breakfast menus (morning menus) we ate there!

Entries from 2024-01-01 to 1 month

【Shinagawa】Excellent prosciutto ham and sausage! Have a limited morning breakfast of 80 servings at Bar Marche Kodama Ecute Shinagawa (バルマルシェコダマエキュート品川店)

I visited "Bar Marche Kodama Ecute Shinagawa"(バルマルシェコダマエキュート品川店), a café and bar attached to a butcher store in JR Shinagawa Station, because we heard that they offer a morning plate with cured ham and sausage.

【Gakugeidaigaku】Enjoy a luxurious morning experience at Factory & Labo Kannno Coffee! Enjoy Yuzu Flavored Sandwiches and Authentic Coffee! (Factory & Labo 神乃珈琲)

Wanting to enjoy authentic coffee at a café with a stylish reputation, I went to "Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee," a store rumored to have a roasting facility attached.

【ShimoKitazawa】Have spice-scented curry risotto at 202karidou (202カリー堂)

I wanted to eat curry in the morning, so I went to 202 Curry-do, a soup curry, sweets and coffee shop in Shimokitazawa.