Saturday morning,let’s go to eat breakfast 🥞 @Tokyo (English Version)

Here are some of the restaurants we actually visited in the Tokyo area and the breakfast menus (morning menus) we ate there!

【Kannai】Elegant morning at UNI COFFEE ROASTERY Yokohama Nihon Odori branch! Luxurious combination of sour coffee and chocolate waffles☕(UNI COFFEE ROASTERY 横浜日本大通り店).

We hear that UNI COFFEE ROSTERY, a cafe chain with a reputation for great coffee, offers a morning menu of special coffee and waffles☕. The chain has several branches in Yokohama, and this time we visited UNI COFFEE ROASTERY Yokohama Nihon…

【Ebisu】A basic and royal Japanese breakfast at “Fu Teishoku Ya” 🍚(ふ定食屋).

Hearing that there is a teishoku-ya that offers a basic and royal Japanese breakfast, we went to “Fu Teishoku-ya”(ふ定食屋) in Ebisu.

【Meguro】 Have a chewy bebe bread morning at les joues de BéBé 🥖.(レ ジュウ ドゥ ベベ)

I went to “les joues de BéBé”é(レ ジュウ ドゥ ベベ)after hearing about a bakery-cafe☕ in Meguro that serves authentic (or rather, real) French-style bread🥖.

【Takadanobaba】NEW YORKER'S Cafe Takadanobaba 1-chome branch for a somewhat trendy hot dog 🌭.(NEW YORKER'S Cafe 高田馬場1丁目店)

Hearing about a quiet and comfortable cafe near Takadanobaba Station, I went there to enjoy the morning menu.

【Jiyugaoka】Tajima Bakery Jiyugaoka serves cobbler bread reminiscent of school lunches during the Showa period 🥖.(パンの田島 自由が丘店)

Hearing that a menu that evolved from the old-fashioned coppepan🥖 was being offered, I went to the Tajima Bakery Jiyugaoka(パンの田島 自由が丘店) in Jiyugaoka.

【Meguro】Go to Go Bring Slider for a stylish and tasty slider burger🍔(ゴー ブリング スライダー).

I heard that there is a trendy hamburger🍔 restaurant called Go Bring Slider(ゴー ブリング スライダー) in Meguro, Tokyo.

【Higashi-Kanagawa】Luxurious in the morning! Sushi and golden salt ramen at Sushi Ramen Tsurikin Honten (鮨らぁー麺 釣りきん本店)

I went to the Yokohama Central Wholesale Market to visit "Sushi Ramen Tsurikin Honten"(鮨らぁー麺 釣りきん本店) after hearing about a restaurant that serves golden ramen🍜 and exquisite sushi🍣 in the morning.

【Shinagawa】Excellent prosciutto ham and sausage! Have a limited morning breakfast of 80 servings at Bar Marche Kodama Ecute Shinagawa (バルマルシェコダマエキュート品川店)

I visited "Bar Marche Kodama Ecute Shinagawa"(バルマルシェコダマエキュート品川店), a café and bar attached to a butcher store in JR Shinagawa Station, because we heard that they offer a morning plate with cured ham and sausage.

【Gakugeidaigaku】Enjoy a luxurious morning experience at Factory & Labo Kannno Coffee! Enjoy Yuzu Flavored Sandwiches and Authentic Coffee! (Factory & Labo 神乃珈琲)

Wanting to enjoy authentic coffee at a café with a stylish reputation, I went to "Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee," a store rumored to have a roasting facility attached.

【Shimo-Kitazawa】Have spice-scented curry risotto at 202karidou (202カリー堂)

I wanted to eat curry in the morning, so I went to 202 Curry-do, a soup curry, sweets and coffee shop in Shimokitazawa.

Asakusa:Miso soup and rice balls with dashi broth at MISOJYU

To have a breakfast of miso soup and onigiri (rice balls), I went to Misojyu (ミソジュウ), a miso soup restaurant in Asakusa.

Ebisu:Fresh Fruit Toast at Da Cafe Ebisu(ダカフェ恵比寿店)

I visited "Da Cafe Ebisu" after hearing that they have a menu with a large amount of fruit thrown in. Note: This article was written when I visited from 1:30 p.m. onward. It is unknown if the same menu is served during breakfast hours.

Meguro:Bar Marche Kodama(バルマルシェコダマ ステーキ&ロブスター アトレ目黒店) - Steak in the Morning

I went to "Bar Marche Kodama" to try the morning menu, which is rumored to serve steak and cured ham.