Saturday morning,let’s go to eat breakfast 🥞 @Tokyo (English Version)

Here are some of the restaurants we actually visited in the Tokyo area and the breakfast menus (morning menus) we ate there!

【Enoshima】Enjoy the wild fisherman's soup set meal in the sea breeze at Enoshima Koya(江の島小屋)🐟.

We went to Enoshima Koya(江の島小屋) because we heard that there is a cafeteria where you can have an elegant breakfast while enjoying the sea breeze and looking at the sea, the sky, and the harbor.

Restaurant Information

Visit the restaurant

It is located at the mouth of the Sakai River, at the foot of Katase Bridge, about a 3-5 minute walk from Katase Enoshima Station on the Odakyu Line. We arrived at 8:15, which is the opening time plus 15 minutes. At this point, there were already 5 groups of less than 20 people in line. We waited at the end of the line for about 30 minutes and were able to enter the restaurant around 8:45.

This is the menu that was offered that day. The breakfast menu, Enoshima Koya's specialty and exquisite rice bowls, a la carte, and today's menu were placed.

  • Breakfast at Enoshima Koya (Breakfast Menu)

    • Golden threadfin bream soup with egg and rice: 1,460 yen
    • Fisherman's soup set meal: 1,820 yen
    • Large bowl of rice: +100 yen
  • Enoshima Koya's specialty and exquisite rice bowls (considered to be the recommended menu)

    • Zeppin Horohoro-don: 1,840 yen
    • Specialty makanai-don: 1,780 yen
    • Kama-age shirasu donburi: 1,420 yen
    • Donburi with local fish and sweet and spicy sauce pork cutlet: Market price (available from 10:30 a.m.)
    • Extra large bowl of rice: +100 yen
  • A la carte

    • Three kinds of sashimi: Market value
    • Fresh shirasu (baby sardines): 920 yen
    • Kama-age shirasu (fresh shirasu): 920 yen
    • Shirasu triple salad: 1,160 yen
    • Kakiage (soft-boiled baby sardines): 820 yen (1 piece)
    • Rice by itself: ¥280
    • Rice set (rice/pickles/suuimono): 480 yen
    • Local fish with green pepper paste: 960 yen
    • Wasabi-pickled yam: 600 yen
    • Potato salad: 640 yen
    • Stewed beef tendon: 970 yen
    • Fried Kenjikko Chicken
      • 2 pieces: 480 yen
      • 4 pieces: 960 yen
      • 8 pieces: 1,920 yen
    • Fried local fish of the day: Market price
    • Ita-san's rolled egg: 800 yen
    • Oya's baked ice cream pudding: 780 yen
    • Fish* ice cream fish ice cream: 600 yen
  • Today's menu (menu for June 15): excluding duplicates

    • Deep-fried tongoroi sardine: 960 yen
    • Sakura trout pickled in soy sauce and sake:600 yen
    • Usuba hagi (Japanese horse mackerel) simmered in pepper sauce with liver: 600 yen
    • Fish miso de cucumber: 600 yen

In addition, there were soft drinks, beer, and sake. The sake menu seems to have a variety of local beers and local brands with regional characteristics. According to the waiter's explanation, the two breakfast dishes, the famous "makanai donburi" and the "kama-age shirasu donburi" are especially recommended.
Looking at Google Map and Instagram (location), it seems that they are all equally famous.

Actual meal

Although I am interested in the "Broiled sea bream with bonito shavings and egg on rice" which is shaved in front of my eyes, I had the "Fisherman's soup set meal" this time.

  • Fisherman's soup set meal: 1,820 yen
    • Fisherman's soup (with 2 fish fritters)
    • Sashimi (bonito/bincho tuna, I think)
    • gohan (rice)
    • Fish meal (in the gourd in the center of the photo)

Detailed impressions are below.

  • Fisherman's Soup (with 2 Fish Fritters)

    • This is a fish soup. It is not the clear, elegant, seasoned, clear or white soup you sometimes see. It was a wild fisherman's soup with plenty of flaked fish meat and the aroma of soy sauce.
    • The fish fritters, which you crunch up into bite-size pieces, taste like bone crackers. The fish fritters, which are crumbled and eaten with a crunchy bite, taste like bone crackers. They are as intense as the fisherman's soup.
  • Sashimi (bonito/bincho tuna...I think)

    • Three sashimi are listed here. The sashimi is not only fresh, but also has a refreshing aroma of yuzu (Japanese citron) casually added to the dish. Very tasty 😋.
  • Rice

    • This is ordinary rice. It is cooked fluffy. Since the fisherman's soup is quite large, you should have ordered a large serving of rice for 100 yen more.
  • Fish meal (in the gourd in the center of the photo)

    • The waiter said, "Please pour it over the fisherman's soup as you like. Fisherman's soup tastes very much like fish. I don't think you need to put fishmeal on it.



It was indeed a healthy and delicious breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed the fish fritters, fisherman's soup, sashimi, and three other dishes that focus on fish. This fisherman's soup is a menu item that I have not even seen elsewhere.
The menu on the restaurant's website includes information about the producers and an explanation of the restaurant's commitment to its ingredients. I am not sure of the details, but I am sure that the menu we tried was delicious.

From the window of the restaurant, we could see the blue sky, white clouds, and the harbor, which made for a pleasant dining experience.

When sightseeing in Shonan/Enoshima/Kamakura, it would be a good idea to have breakfast here before leaving.


We arrived at 8:15 this time and still had to wait about 30 minutes.
I recommend visiting before opening time.