Saturday morning,let’s go to eat breakfast 🥞 @Tokyo (English Version)

Here are some of the restaurants we actually visited in the Tokyo area and the breakfast menus (morning menus) we ate there!

【Ginaza】Have a legitimate old coffee morning at Tricolor Honten(トリコロール本店)☕.

I heard that there is a morning menu of coffee and toast served at a long-established coffee shop founded in 1936 in Ginza ☕ and visited the Tricolor Honten(トリコロール本店).

Restaurant Information

Visit the restaurant

It is located on Azuma-dori, about a 3-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station. I was able to arrive at the front of the restaurant at 8:35, which is the opening time plus 35 minutes. It was hard to see from outside, but when I entered the restaurant, there was a line of less than 20 people on the stairs leading to the second floor. We waited at the top of the stairs, at the end of the line, and were seated in less than 30 minutes. It was a good thing that we could wait inside, even if the weather was bad (important).

This is the menu that was offered that day. There were two types of menu items: morning menu and cakes.
The morning set at the top of the morning menu stood out.

  • Morning Menu

    • Morning set: 846 yen
      • Antique blend coffee
      • Toast
      • Salad
    • Antique Blend Coffee: 546 yen
    • Cafe au Lait: 591 yen
    • Toarco Toraja Coffee: 637 yen
    • Iced coffee: ¥591
    • Iced Cafe au Lait: 637 yen
    • Original Blend Tea: 546 yen
    • Iced Earl Grey Tea: 591 yen
    • Fresh Orange Juice: 1,046 yen
    • Fresh Grapefruit Juice: 1,046 yen
  • Cake Menu

    • Apple Pie: 646 yen
    • Chocolat: 646 yen
    • Sabalin Orange: 646 yen
    • Tarte fromage: 646 yen
    • Antique Blend Coffee and Cake Set: 1,482 yen

The waitress said that the recommended cakes were apple pie and tarte fromage.
Although not listed on the menu offered this time, you can also order the famous eclair. We saw the person seated next to us ask the waitress directly and order it.
*From the store website, the recommended menu seems to be eclair and apple pie with antique blended coffee.

Actual meal

We had the morning set and an additional order of apple pie.

  • Morning set: 846 yen
    • Antique blend coffee
    • Toast
    • Salad
  • Apple Pie: 646 yen

Detailed impressions are below.

  • Antique Blend Coffee
    • It tasted like coffee with a sour taste (sorry. I can't really taste the coffee).
  • Toast
    • Warm toast cut very thick. It smells like toast. The butter was served at a high temperature and was very easy to spread. Honestly, I like the taste.
  • Salad.
    • An orthodox salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and more. It is covered with a white dressing that looks like Caesar salad dressing? It is covered with a white dressing like Caesar salad dressing? Delicious.

  • Apple Pie
    • It is served warm. The taste of more apples and the aroma of cinnamon wafting from the dish is delightful.



We had an elegant breakfast in a very retro brick cafe. The atmosphere looks like something out of an old Nikkatsu movie or a trendy drama set in the early Showa period.
Coffee is the main component of the morning meal, which I thought would be great for those who are particular about their coffee. The toast and salad had a luxurious taste, as you would expect from a long-established restaurant.
On a holiday morning, I was able to completely forget my daily routine and enjoy my meal. I felt quite good.


Other menu items of interest.

  • Eclair.
    • Antique blend coffee with cream seems to go very well with it.
  • Iced Cafe au Lait
    • The coffee and milk were mixed and poured into a glass right in front of me. It was like a scene from a movie.

I was quite envious. I had an urge to tell the waiter, "That's the same thing he's ordering. Next time I want to go there in the afternoon tea time and order this area.