Saturday morning,let’s go to eat breakfast 🥞 @Tokyo (English Version)

Here are some of the restaurants we actually visited in the Tokyo area and the breakfast menus (morning menus) we ate there!

【Koshigoe】Kamakura Gourmet Bread at Boulangerie Le beau temps 🍞(ル・ボートン).

Hearing that there is a bakery serving Kamakura gourmet bread in front of Koshigoe Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway, I went to “Boulangerie Le beau temps”(ル・ボートン).

Restaurant Information

Visit the restaurant

We arrived at the restaurant at 9:10 on a Saturday morning (opening time + 2 hours and 10 minutes). There were a few customers in the store, but we did not have to wait in line. The restaurant specializes in take-out and does not have an eat-in area. So it seems that there is no need to wait in line, and any time of arrival time would not be a problem.

The store is located right in front of Koshigoe Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway. I don't think you will get lost in this.

These are some of the breads sold at the store that day.

Naturally, there is no morning menu. You buy what you want for breakfast on your own.
The following is a list transcribed from the photos.

  • ENOSHIMA (baby sardines and garlic butter): 280 yen
  • Dutch cheese: 240 yen
  • Dutch bacon: 300 yen
  • Potager: price not legible
  • Pork franks: 340 yen
  • Melting Cheese Curry: 300 yen
  • Bacon Potato Genovese: 340 yen
  • Cream coronet: 230 yen
  • Chocolate coronet: 240 yen
  • Chocolate donuts: 200 yen
  • Nama Doughnut (salted caramel): 360 yen
  • Raw doughnut (strawberry condensed milk whip): 360 yen
  • Nama Doughnut (cherry whipped cream): 360 yen

There were many other breads in the store. All of them look delicious (not a social comment).
From the Instagram posts and the lineup in the store, it seems that “Wakame Stem,” “Shirasu and Garlic Butter,” and “Nama Doughnut” are the signature items on the menu.

Actual meal

This time, we purchased three bread items and a pack of milk and moved to the nearby Koshigoe Beach.

From left to right: ENOSHIMA (baby sardines and garlic butter), melted cheese curry, and raw doughnuts (whipped strawberry condensed milk). The carton of milk is not shown.
Detailed impressions are as follows.

  • ENOSHIMA (baby sardine and garlic butter): 280 yen

    • Garlic butter and baby sardines are sandwiched between bread with a slightly hard crust. The texture is like a softer version of French bread. The aroma of the garlic butter is appetizing, and the saltiness of the baby sardines adds a very nice accent. Delicious. Melting Cheese Curry: 300 yen.
  • Melting Cheese Curry: 300 yen

    • Curry and cheese in a cube-shaped bread. The curry and cheese melt together to create a high-calorie, immoral taste. Delicious.
  • Raw doughnut (strawberry condensed milk whipped): 360 yen

    • It is shaped like a doughnut without holes, filled with condensed milk cream and topped with strawberries. The sweetness of the condensed milk flavored whipped cream and the sourness of the strawberries mix together just right and are delicious.
  • Packaged milk: about 100 yen?

    • It is ordinary milk sold everywhere. It tasted like milk.



It was an amazing store where all the bread in the store looked delicious. This time, I chose three items from the breads that were placed prominently.
There were still many attractive breads such as “wakame seaweed stems,” “various kinds of cobbler buns,” “various kinds of fried breads,” etc. I could have bought enough to eat at home. I might have bought enough to eat at home. Some websites introduce them as Kamakura gourmet foods. Considering that “shirasu” (baby sardines), “wakame seaweed stems” and other fashionable breads are lined up, I think it is appropriate to be introduced that way. I would definitely like to visit this restaurant again.


This place specializes in take-out, so you need to find a place to eat after buying bread.
This time, we ate our bread on the bank of Koshigoe Fishing Port, which is located next to Koshigoe Beach, a 5-minute walk from the store. This is because we could not find any other space to put the bread.

I was able to enjoy it while looking at Enoshima Island in the distance.